Dog Training Schools – Are They Worth the Money?

Are dog training schools worth the money? Sure, if you can afford them. Most dog training schools are very expensive and the vast majority of dog owning families simply can’t justify the expense although in some cases, dog training schools are a necessity if the dog in question is particularly badly behaved or has been mistreated in the past.

But what do dog training schools provide that you can’t at home? Not much really. If you’re prepared to put the time and effort into training your dog that the schools do, you can achieve exactly the same results as they do. In fact, you may even be able to achieve better results – because it is you training your dog, you further develop the bond between the two of you, making the training easier.

So why are dog training schools so expensive? Because they have to keep staff on to look after the dogs all day, because they can only take on a few dogs at once due to time constraints and they have to invest in the latest research and training techniques, and because they can. Dog training schools are very much in demand, and because of the high level of success they will continue to be.

Can I train my dog at home? Of course you can. If you don’t know anything about dog training, you can learn and quickly get yourself to a decent standard. You also have several options for taking advice from professional dog trainers so you accelerate your results.

For example, you could send your dog to a dog training school for a short period and go along to observe, possibly taking notes quietly in the corner. That way you can see exactly how the dog training school is doing it, and simply do your best to replicate that at home. Ask the trainers for a few top tips and I’ll sure they’ll be happy to help.

Another means for getting expert advice at home is through books at your local bookshop, or better yet internet courses on dog training. Schools are usually run using similar material, and the trainers that work at the schools are usually the ones who write the courses. You can get online courses in dog training for a fraction of the cost and implement your own dog training school in your living room.

I would always strongly recommend that you train your dog yourself. There’s nothing worse than spending a barrel of cash on a dog training school only for your dog to come home and not associate you with it’s new behavior because it hasn’t seen you during the training.

Online courses are just as good as professional dog training schools, and loads cheaper. After reviewing several online courses, I would strongly recommend the “The Easy Way” program written by a professional and highly successful dog trainer Doggy Dan.

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