How to Identify Good Dog Training Schools

Dog training schools are mushrooming these days in more advanced cities in the United States and in other countries. Most of these schools are eager to accommodate any dog owners who are willing to pay for his dog’s training. But as a paying customer, your expectation for guaranteed results in exchange for your payment is a given thing. Here’s a lot f things to consider when choosing what training school you will have your pet enrolled in.


Reputation has many connotations which depend on how the person who looks at it as a word. Some people see reputation as something that resulted from one’s ability to produce results above what is considered acceptable, without regard to how it is done. In the context of a dog training school, reputation can be interpreted as a school’s popularity, which shows proof of how the school is being trusted by many who have tried it.

One way of looking for reliable dog training schools is to ask around from people who are associated with dog-raising, such as friend-pet owners, vets or dog trainers. A lot of these people will surely recommend to you some schools which they consider as good, depending on their own personal standards. Some dog breeders are also a good source of information regarding the subject and the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals can also provide you with some schools of good reputation as well.

Methods of Training

Good dog training schools use modern yet humane ways of training. Your search for a good dog training school must be centered on how your pet will be treated while it goes through the training, to make sure that your pet’s experience while it is in the training school is an enjoyable rather than a stressful one. Many dog training schools today still use old-fashioned training methods which consist of unkind training ways which reinforce negative traits.

An excellent school is one that treats your pet humanely, like it is their own. They use methods that foster motivation instead of fear, which enables your pet to develop positive behaviors instead of negative ones. Bad schools, on the other hand, employ old-fashioned techniques that include the practice of punishing, choking and yelling.

Sufficient knowledge

Aside from its acceptable training methods, good dog training schools are also equipped with a good amount of knowledge which consists of methods that vary from old techniques to modern ways. A school’s rich knowledge of a wide array of training methods maximizes a dog’s potential to learn at the shortest possible time.

There are two other things that you should look for in a training school. One is its trainers’ being up to date with the latest training techniques. This can be proven if the school displays or shows you the latest training seminars that its trainers have attended. The other thing is the school’s facilities. Schools with up-to-date facilities perform better than poorly equipped ones. Just remember that it is your right to ask for these things because you are a paying customer.

Some dog training schools are versatile, which means that they can teach your dog a variety of skills, while other schools only teach dogs certain specialized skills such as the service dog training. You choice will largely depend on what and how many skills you would want your dog to learn.

Classroom Set Up

There are two types of dog training classroom setup: the group class type and the private lessons type. The group class is the type that facilitates socialization which eliminates some of your dog’s negative traits such as aggression. This type also allows you (as the owner) the chance to mingle with other owners and learn from their mistakes and approaches should you choose to be trained alongside your pet.

The other classroom setup, the private lessons type, is not as beneficial as the classroom type because it doesn’t provide your dog and you the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and other people. Private lessons also carry the possibility of poor transfer of learning when the obedience commands are handed to you by the original trainer.

These are the salient features that you have to look for in a dog training school when you are on a task to find one. Your decision to enroll your pet will now depend on the type of skills you would want your pet to master.

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